How to use TECH PLANTER members

“TECH PLANTER members” is a website exclusive to team/person who joins TECH PLANTER, REAL-TECH Seed Acceleration Program.

What we do on this website

Registration for TECH PLANTER

  • To apply each business plan pitch event Tech Planter INDIA, Tech Planter MALAYSIA, Tech Planter THAILAND, Tech Planter SINGAPORE, and etc. you need to register via registration page.
  • Registration is free of charge, of course.
  • For registration, you just need the following information. User name (for login), family name, given name, e-mail address.
  • For registration, there is NO need of detailed information of your business and/or technology.

Distribution of various information from TECH PLANTER

We distribute various information related to TECH PLANTER to the e-mail address registered.

IMPORTANT: Application to each TECH PLANTER event

You can apply to each TECH PLANTER event after registration. Login URL for the application form will be sent to you via e-mail.